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 We are proud to be the longest running Paranormal investigation team from Sandwell.

We cover all the West Midlands with members living in West Bromwich, Wednesbury and Walsall.

We approach all our Investigations with a sceptical belief system  and never ellaborate or embellish in order to 'Entertain' as unfortunatly a lot of teams now tend to do.

With us what you see is what you get ,a good honest down to earth thorough paranormal Investigation. 

Our Investigations always contain humour as we believe it makes a better experiance for us and spirit alike, no one wants to talk to a misery whether your alive or dead and we are far from miserable!!!

Everyone is welcome on an Investigation By Twilight and as we are non profit any Investigation made available for public participation will be the best value bar none, we always share costs amongst all attending and as we are Investigating for love not money you can rest assured your experiences with us will always be genuine.



Investigations by Twilight perform safe vigils both privately and publicly, we are able to clear and investigate haunted properties respectfully and effectively.

We also arrange and host psychic suppers, dinners vigils, fayres and demo days,making  the paranormal world a friendlier place to be.





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